You didn't start your business because you like accounting.

But that is why we started ours.  We'll handle your accounting and taxes, so you can continue to grow your business.



Accounting Firms

Most accounting firms are focused on things they do really well - taxes and audit.  Typically, they offer bookkeeping as an "after the fact" service.  Here's why Lumiola is different:

  • We offer data in real-time, not once a month
  • We focus on data for decision making
  • We don't bill hourly
  • We are entirely cloud-based
  • We have a client portal to avoid long email chains and forwarding files
  • We focus on the newest technology

In House Team

An in house accounting team is a great option if you're making a couple hundred million dollars a year.  If you're not, here's why we may be a better option:

  • You won't need to worry about us going on vacation
  • You won't need to train us
  • You won't need to buy us a computer or give us health insurance
  • You won't need to research and test out new software
  • You'll share the benefits of our investment in enterprise level technology